Athletes with Disabilities Network Northeast Chapter is a private, non-profit, community organization that focuses on mentoring & outreach, with a secondary adaptive sports recreational sports program serving  disabled veterans, first responders and other disabled community members. We serve participants who are ages 6 and up, in the Southern Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. The focuses of our programs are to assist the disabled community members through mentoring outreach and sports participation, and to promote healthy lifestyle changes after the disabling event.

The programs we have implemented assist in both the physical and mental health of the participant and their families by creating opportunities to have interactions in social settings with other disabled community members, families and mentors, which allow the newly injured person to see there is hope and positive progression after facing the loss of a limb, sight spinal cord injury and other injuries.

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Current Campaigns (each name is clickable to go to the campaign)

1. General Support Campaign

2. Mentoring and Outreach

  • 3. SportsAbility Adaptive Sports Program
  •  Sit-Volleyball- Teaching basic skills and techniques for children and adults
  • Adaptive Tennis Clinic - Open to all physical and cognitive disabilities (3 Clinics Dates TBD)
  • SportsAbility Day - Multi-Sport Paralympic Experience Day, pairing US National and Paralympic athletes with participants.  (June and August 2018)
  • ParaKids Tri Camp - Two day camp teaching skills and techniques
  • ParaCanoe Training camp - Camp for developing athletes, elite and national team members (2 training camps)
  • Archery and Air Rifle Clinics- Rotating locations to provide access both disciplines.

$100 Pays for a piece of adaptive equipment that can assist our participants to be able to kayak.

$250- Pays for a helmet, paddle and PFD.

$750 pays for a “Train the Trainer” instructor to be certified.This allows us to train more peer mentors that have a direct impact with disabled veterans, first responders, community members and their families.

$1,500 Pays for instructor to train guides for blind runners.

$2,500- Pays for an open kayak trailer with hitch set up for new vehicle or Solara tandem adaptive kayak, 2 paddles with paddle pivot and pedestal.

$3,500- Pays for one year of the computer platform that allows coalition members to access peer mentors that are paired with newly injured patients, access available grants and program information that assists the patient and their families.

$5,000- Pays for an Adaptive Paddle Workshop (APW)- American Canoe Association Adaptive Program, Adaptive Paddling Workshops (APWs) provides the training andinformation necessary to seamlessly integrate individuals with disabilities into paddlesport programs. Instruction includes how to compensate for a paddler’s loss of function due to disability, adaptation techniques for equipment and instruction, how to focus on the paddler’s ability, and accessibility of programs and facilities. APW involve hands-on learning in both a classroom and in calm, protected waters.

$10,000- Pays for government auctioned vehicles or partial pricing for used local dealership vehicle  to be used to tow equipment and transport disabled participants to and from events.

General Support helps hire disabled community members and provides a slow transition back to into the working world.

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